FIPECAFI develops research projects, in the form of consultancy, as well as professional advice contracted by private companies and public and third sector entities, in the following main areas of knowledge:

Evaluation of credit portfolios and others
Valuation of companies
Assessment of good will
Corporate Accounting
Management accounting
Public Accounting
Costs and budgets
Tax Management
Hedge Accounting
Measurement / Analysis of losses for emerging damages
Measurement / Analysis of losses for loss of profits
International Accounting Standards (IFRS)
Accounting Standards Applied to the Public Sector (IPSAS)
Rules of the Accounting Pronouncements Committee (CPC)
Economic-financial rebalancing of contracts
Rectification of financial statements
Management Information Systems
Accounting support for conflict resolution (corporate, transfer of shareholdings, liquidation of companies, corporate divergences, and others)
Valuation of assets, rights, and obligations
Valuation (business valuation)
Valuation in acquisitions, mergers, and incorporations.

Strictly speaking, all FEA undergraduate and graduate professors and students can be invited to work on various projects developed by FIPECAFI. Thus, its technical staff is quite numerous, since besides counting with its teachers and researchers, it relies on the aid of members of the faculty and students of the University of São Paulo.

Several FIPECAFI professors, researchers, and consultants have been studying the design, development, management, monitoring and evaluation of structured projects involving public-private relationships, especially the economic-financial and institutional aspects involved.

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